Horizon Legal Group understands the difficult personal circumstances that lead many people to problems with unsecured debt. We are a law firm consisting of a network of attorneys throughout the United States who are dedicated to helping people like you. We will review your situation and create a plan of action that helps you to regain control over your debt. Our attorneys and staff help consumers across the nation to achieve financial freedom.

Horizon Legal Group will attempt to work with your creditors to settle your delinquent debt for less than what you owe. Best of all, you will not pay any legal fees until we successfully resolve a debt for you!

The People That We Help Every Day

Many people find themselves with an overwhelming amount of debt that has accumulated over the years and cannot handle a repayment of these debts in full. Many people live paycheck to paycheck and it takes only one brief interruption in income to put them over the edge.

If you have fallen delinquent on your debt due to a pay-cut, lay-off, medical emergency, or for any other reason, you are not alone. Once a credit card payment or two are missed, the problem begins to build like a snowball heading downhill. High interest rates and fees make the ability to pay more and more difficult as the debt continues to grow.

Our typical client is someone who:

  • Has experienced a very serious hardship that has resulted in less income or an extended interruption in income alongside increased debt obligations.
  • Wants to find a way to repay creditors but has normal living expenses that take priority.
  • Cannot afford the monthly minimum payments required by creditors.
  • Cannot borrow from family or friends.
  • Has children and a family to support.

Thankfully, Horizon Legal Group can help you to resolve your debt while helping you to save money.